Mini EHL: The Essence of Humanitarian Law

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This resource kit introduces young people to the principles and basic rules of international humanitarian law (IHL). It provides 5 x 45 minutes of sequential learning activities designed for both formal and non-formal education settings for young people and other interested groups. It can be used in the framework of a half-day workshop or over the course of five individual sessions. Mini EHL was developed by the ICRC on the basis of the Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL) education programme and includes new exercises and source materials. The learning materials are based on real-life situations and show how IHL aims to protect life and human dignity during armed conflict and to prevent and reduce the suffering and the devastation caused by war. By studying the behaviour of actual persons and the dilemma they experience, young people develop a new perspective and begin to understand the need for rules during war as well as the complexity of their application.
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