Legal Notices & Pricing Policy

Legal Notices & Pricing Policy



  1. General terms

Customers who complete and confirm the order form on this website agree to the General Conditions of Sale of the International Committee of the Red Cross (subsequently referred to as ICRC). The General Conditions shall be the only ones applicable to the subsequent contract.

This website is managed by the following company (payment included) :
Square Services Sàrl
Ch. des Assenges 14
1142 Pampigny


  1. Delivery Terms – Carriage – Charges

The customer must give full and accurate data, such as name, address of recipient, etc., required to enable delivery to be made under normal circumstances. Once payment has been accepted, the ICRC undertakes to dispatch the products ordered by the customer to the best of its ability within the international postal system.

Following new rules issued by the International Postal Union, the ICRC does not commit itself to any delivery times.

The ICRC cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the customs formalities of receiving countries in international shipments.  

Delivery charges are set according to the weight of the package (weight of packaging plus product ordered) and the destination zone.



UPS international

Standard Switzerland

< 1 kg



< 2 kg



< 5 kg



< 10 kg



< 20 kg



> 20 kg

Contact for an estimate

Contact for an estimate






No damages may be claimed if delivery is delayed. In no event may the ICRC be held liable for any deterioration that may occur in the products if the package has been opened on route, or if the recipient is absent when the package is delivered.


For deliveries outside Switzerland, in addition to the purchase price and the shipping and packing fees, you will also be liable for any customs duties or taxes imposed by the destination country. According to the law in force in the destination country, such fees may be duly claimed from the addressee of the parcel, even if you were the one who placed the order. You should therefore check with the relevant authorities in your country, or the destination country, particularly with regard to items sent as gifts.


  1. Prices and payment

In accordance with its mission statement, the ICRC is committed to promoting and strengthening humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles. One way in which it does this is by making its resources as widely available, and inexpensive, as possible. However, because it is accountable to its donors, the ICRC has also to try to recover its production costs.


An additional charge is made for shipping. Products ordered on-line may only be paid with one of the following credit cards: MASTERCARD and VISA. Payment by credit card is confirmed immediately through SaferPay. No product will be dispatched until payment has been confirmed.


Security in e-payment

Saferpay safeguards your credit card details using the best security and antifraud technology available.

All credit card data are processed securely through Saferpay according to PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). PCI is the global security standard established by the international credit card organizations. The greatest data security and protection from non-payments is guaranteed for you and your customers through encryption of the data.


  1. Delivery time

The delivery times are provided as an indication by country under the section "Conditions and delivery times".


  1. Claims

In general, our products may not be refunded or exchanged.

However, if the product you have received is:

  • not the product you ordered (wrong title, language, film format, etc ...)
  • damaged (in transit) 

 You may return the item, within two weeks of receiving your order, to the following address:


Square Services Sàrl
Ch. des Assenges 14
1142 Pampigny
Att: ICRC Shop

Before returning an item, please contact our customer service team (, so that we can verify your claim, arrange the return of the goods at our expense, and send you a new copy of the product.


  1. Copyright

Commercial use or publication

Commercial use or publication of all or part of documents, photos, film footage, audio records, logos and graphics is strictly prohibited without prior express authorization from the ICRC. Permission for use must be requested from the ICRC or, for agency or freelance photos (indicated in the photo credit) or third-party publications, from the agency, publication or individual concerned. Modifications to ICRC copyright material are not allowed. Be advised that a proof within context or pre-production sample is requested before final approval is given.


Personal and non-commercial use (e.g. academic use)

Documents may be copied on condition that copyright and source indications are also copied, no modifications are made and the document is copied entirely. Academic standards apply for citing and referencing sources.


Modifications to ICRC copyright material are not allowed. Permission for use must be requested from the ICRC or, for agency or freelance photos (indicated in the photo credit), from the agency or individual concerned.


For all inquiries, use and permission requests, please contact the ICRC:

For general inquiries:

For photos :

For film footage:

For audio records :


Red cross and red crescent emblems

The red cross and red crescent emblems are protected symbols under international humanitarian law and national laws. Any use that is not expressly authorized by the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols constitutes a misuse of the emblem. Use of these emblems by unauthorized persons is strictly forbidden. Please contact the ICRC for more information.


Online content developers providing links to this site must inform the ICRC by e-mail. Any quoted items (in original form with any abbreviations or modifications clearly indicated) must be accompanied by a link to this website and must be clearly attributed to the International Committee of the Red Cross.


  1. Force majeure

The ICRC accepts no responsibility for non-execution of the contract due to reasons beyond its control, such as, in particular: strikes, terrorist acts, war, natural disasters, or problems affecting suppliers and carriers. Each party shall be entitled to a reasonable additional period for execution; however, if such circumstances last for more than 60 days, the contract may be cancelled by written notice given by either party, without indemnity.


  1. Data Protection

The ICRC does not collect information identifying you personally (such as your name, address, phone number or e-mail address) unless that information is voluntarily disclosed. To order on the ICRC eShop, the ICRC requests information that does identify you personally for the purpose of providing you with specific services. Information that you supply in this way will not be shared with any third party except where needed to provide a requested service.


How does the ICRC use the information?

The ICRC does not distribute, sell or rent user information to anyone. The ICRC uses the information collected about you to improve its understanding of web visitors and to send information that you have requested or that may be considered of interest to you.


Who is collecting the information?

Any personal information that you disclose on the ICRC website is shared only with the ICRC, unless stated otherwise. For example, once you fill in and submit the form for ordering on the ICRC eShop, you are redirected to the highly secure “Saferpay” environment of a partner company (Telekurs Card Solutions AG), where you are invited to enter your credit card details.


With whom may the ICRC share the information?

As a general rule, the ICRC will not disclose any information identifying you personally, except with your permission or where required by law.


What choices are available to you regarding collection, use and distribution of the information?

Any information on new ICRC products that you register to receive will be sent to you electronically or by other means. The ICRC may also send you unsolicited e-mail messages it feels may be of interest to you. On some ICRC forms, such as that for the ICRC eShop, you are invited to indicate whether you are interested in receiving information via e-mail about the ICRC. You will not be placed on any mailing list if you do not select this option.


  1. Applicable Law / Partial Nullity / Amendments / Jurisdiction

These General Conditions of Sale are governed exclusively by Swiss law. If part of these General Conditions of Sale is declared null and void by a court, this shall in no way affect of the remaining terms of the General Conditions of Sale in any way.


The ICRC reserves the right to amend these General Conditions of Sale at any time. The parties recognise the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Geneva for all claims or disputes concerning them.



The International Committee of the Red Cross

General Conditions of Sale, June 2023