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of the International Committee of the Red Cross

International Humanitarian Law: A Comprehensive Introduction

French (2016) 2504 in stock

Other versions available on demand:

International Humanitarian Law: A Comprehensive Introduction - ref. 4231

"International Humanitarian Law: A Comprehensive Introduction" is an introductory handbook that aims to promote and strengthen knowledge of international humanitarian law (IHL) among academics, weapon-bearers, humanitarian workers and media professionals.

It presents contemporary issues related to IHL in an accessible and practical style, and in line with the ICRC’s reading of the law.

That, plus its distinctive format – combining “In a nutshell”, “To go further” and thematic textboxes – make it the ideal everyday companion for anyone approaching IHL for the first time and curious about conflict-related matters, as well as for military and humanitarian personnel seeking useful guidance on a vast array of topics.