Blast Trauma Care: Course Manual

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The effects of an exploding landmine or explosive remnant of war create patterns of injuries distinct from what is taught in general medical training. The wounds, often numerous, are of such a nature that specialized knowledge, techniques and equipment must be used to give blast victims the best chance of survival. Too often, personnel in these circumstances have not been provided the necessary training and support to be able to deal with injuries caused by devices like landmines, and lives are being lost that otherwise could have been saved. The ICRC’s Weapon Contamination Unit therefore saw the need for a customized training manual that could be offered to organizations involved in humanitarian survey and clearance operations. This manual, which is intended for use alongside the ICRC’s course on blast trauma care, is divided into 12 chapters. Each addresses specific challenges and suggested responses. As the target audience includes those without university degrees in a related subject, the language, examples and illustrations used are intended to be accessible to the broadest possible audience.
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