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Decision-making in military security operations

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Decision-making in military security operations- ref. 4420-ebook

Operations in which military forces must work within a law enforcement context have become increasingly prevalent. For many militaries this represents a significant shift from their primary role, and conduct of operations under a different legal framework which is likely to require adaptation of doctrine, training, planning and decision-making processes. This has led the ICRC to look in detail at how the relevant legal framework may be integrated into the planning and decision-making process to ensure such operations are legally compliant and meet the obligations placed on commanders.

The ICRC has developed this advisory publication as a guide for militaries to review their own doctrine and procedures for the planning of these non-combat operations (Law Enforcement). It is designed to support commanders and planners to operationalise the relevant legal framework into their processes at all levels, and to develop these where possible alongside law enforcement agencies and aligned with national laws. It highlights the humanitarian challenges of such operations carried out by military forces either in support, or in the absence of, law enforcement agencies or other non-military security services.