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of the International Committee of the Red Cross

Women Facing War

274 pp., 15,5 x 23 cm
English (2001) 881 in stock
French (2002) 446 in stock

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Women Facing War - ref. 0798

This ICRC study is an extensive reference document on the impact of armed conflict on the lives of women. Taking as its premise the needs of women, e.g. physical safety, access to health care, food and shelter, in situations of armed conflict, the study explores the problems faced by women in wartime and the coping mechanisms they employ.

A thorough analysis of international humanitarian law, and to a lesser extent human rights and refugee law, was carried out as a means to assess the protection afforded to women through these bodies of law.  

The study also includes a review of the ICRC's operational response to the needs of women as victims of armed conflict. Overview of contents and executive summary.